Mythic Maiden

mythic maiden

Mythic Maiden is a rather old slot in the NetEnt portfolio, but it is still very popular and the RTP is really nice, nearly 97 percent. Playing this slot is like exploring a storage room owned by an eccentric 19th century explorer. The reels are adorned with weird stuff such as dried ape craniums, huge tropical spiders, dusty old books, shrunken heads and mysterious wooden chests. It is very common for Mythic Maiden to be featured prominently when online casinos celebrate Halloween by handing out free spins, arranging slots contests and similar.

Mythic Maiden is a pretty basic slot. It is not the right choice when you’re looking for advanced special features, 3D graphics, interactive bonus games, etc. There is a wild symbol and a free spins mode, and sometimes you’re aided by win multipliers. There is no bonus game or any other form of interactivity.

Basic information

Developer Net Entertainment (NetEnt)
Theme The explorer’s scary attic
Reels 5
Paylines 30
Wild symbol Yes
Scatter symbol Yes
Bonus symbol No
Free spins mode Yes
Bonus game No
Progressive jackpot No
Fixed jackpot 2,000 coins
RTP 96.6 percent


Mythic Maiden is a flexible slot, where you elect how many paylines to activate, how many coins to bet per activated payline, and the coin value.

mythic maiden2If you are playing Mythic Maiden in Euro, the smallest possible coin value is €0.01 and the highest possible coin value is €0.50.

You can activate (=wager on) anywhere from 1 payline to all 30 paylines.

You also decide how many coins to bet per activated payline, from 1 coin per payline to 10 coins per payline.

The smallest possible bet on a round of Mythic Maiden is €0.01 x 1 payline x 1 coin = €0.01.The largest possible bet is €0.50 x 30 paylines x 10 coins = €150 per round. As you can see, there is something suitable for every bankroll here.

Wild symbol

The moon is wild and can substitute for any ordinary symbol, but not for the sprite since the sprite is a special symbol (it’s a scatter).

When the moon helps you form a winning symbol combination, the win from that combo is multiplied by 3. So, the moon is both a wild symbol and a 3x multiplier.

Scatter symbol

The mysterious sprite is a scatter symbol. You need a minimum of three sprites, anywhere on the reels, to get to free spins mode. The more sprites, the more free spins. Three sprites will give you 10 free spins, four sprites will give your 15 free spins and five sprites will give you 30 free spins.

Sprite? What’s a sprite??

Have you ever seen reddish-orange flashes during a thunderstorm, flashes that are very different from regular lighting? These flashes are known as sprites and they can be perceived as having a wide range of different shapes. The sprite is still a poorly understood weather phenomenon, but we do know that it is caused by large-scale electrical discharges above a thunderstorm cloud. A big difference between regular lighting and the sprite is that the sprite is a cold plasma phenomenon. Sometimes, a sprite is preceded by big a pancake-shaped halo comprised of weak optical emissions.

Bonus symbol

The Mythic Maiden slot doesn’t have any bonus symbol.

Free spins mode

During free spins mode, pay attention to the Iron Maiden torture device because it can open up to give you extra free spins and/or multipliers. The highest possible multiplier is 10x.

It is possible to trigger free spins mode while in free spins mode.

Bonus game

The Mythic Maiden slot doesn’t have any bonus bonus.