Monty Python’s Spamalot


Monty Python’s Spamalot slot from Playtech is an extremely entertaining slot – at least if you have a Monty Pythonesque sense of humor. You will recognize a lot of material from Monty Python in this slot, including the knights who say ni, the vicious rabbit and the foot from the cloud.

Monty Python’s Spamalot slot has two progressive jackpots: Monty Python’s Spamalot Holy Grail Jackpot and Monty Python’s Spamalot Slightly Less Jackpot. At the time of writing, the last payout of the Holy Grail Jackpot took place in August 2015, when a player in Casino Bellini received $2,973,077. The two progressive jackpots can only be won in the Jackpot Game.

This slot machine also have non-progressive jackpot. Get five wild symbols on an active payline and you will be rewarded with 5,000 times the payline bet. This means that with the highest possible payline bet, which is $50, you win a whopping $250,000.

Since 2014, there has been a mobile version of Monty Python’s Spamalot available.

Basic information

Developer Playtech
Launched 2012
Theme Monty Python
Reels 5
Paylines 20
Wild symbol Yes
Scatter symbol Yes
Bonus symbol Yes
Free spins mode Yes
Bonus game Yes
Progressive jackpot Yes, two
Fixed jackpot 5000 x the payline bet
RTP 93.99 percent


You can adjust how many paylines to activate (=wager on), from just 1 payline to all 20 paylines.

spamalot slotYou can also adjust the coin value, from $0.01 to $50.

You always play Monty Python Spamalot Slot with 1 coin per activated payline.

The smallest possible bet on a round is $0.01 x 1 payline x 1 coin = $0.01.

The largest possible bet on a round is $50 x 20 paylines x 1 coin = $1000.

Wild symbol

The Holy Grail is a wild symbol. It can substitute for any symbol except for the scatter symbol, the bonus symbol and the jackpot symbol.

Scatter symbol

The scatter symbol is very easy to recognize, because it features the text “Monty Python Scatter”.

You need a minimum of three scatter symbols, anywhere on the reels, to get to the free spins mode.

Bonus symbol

The bonus symbol displays a foot from a cloud, accompanied by the word BONUS.

If you get a bonus symbol on reel one and reel five simultaneously, this will trigger a bonus game.

Free spins mode

When you have triggered free spins mode, you will receive 10 free spins.

In free spins mode, the scatter symbol is replaced with a jackpot symbol. This jackpot symbol is your key to the jackpot game.

Activate the jackpot game

If you get a total of at least five jackpot symbols in free spins mode, the jackpot game will start. You don’t need to get all five jackpot symbols during one spin, since each jackpot symbol will be stored.

The jackpot game can not start in the base game; it can only be reached from free spins mode.

When the jackpot game starts, you will see a hill on your screen. The Holy Grail is resting in top of this hill. Your task is to get to the top of the hill. Six obstacles will be in our way, e.g. hand, chicken, monster and knight. On each level, you must select one of the obstacles. If you defeat your opponent, you will be rewarded with coins and allowed to proceed to the next level. If you lose, a big foot will come down from the sky and crush your avatar, and this means that the jackpot game is over.

If you manage to get all the way to the last level of the jackpot game, you will be given a choice between two alternatives. One of these alternatives will give you the big jackpot (the Monty Python’s Spamalot Holy Grail jackpot), while the other alternative will give you a smaller jackpot (the Monty Python’s Sapamalot Slightly Less Jackpot).

Bonus game

If you get the bonus symbol (the foot from the cloud) on the first reel and the fifth reel simultaneously, you get to play one of the bonus games. The first time this happens, you play the first bonus game (Castle). The next time, you play the second bonus game (None Shall Pass), and so on. When you have finished the fourth bonus game, you will play the first bonus game again the next time you trigger the bonus game.

Bonus game 1 – Storm the Castle

Your task is to storm the castle, while avoiding to be hit by the cows thrown out from within the castle. There are six different strategical spots where you can chose to stand. Chose wisely, because if a cow lands where you stand, the bonus game is over. If a cow is thrown out and you don’t get hit, you win money and get to move to a new spot.

Bonus game 2 – None Shall Pass

You meet the Black Knight in the forest and he doesn’t want to let you pass. You get four chances to cut a limb off the Black Knight. Each time you’re successful, you win money. Each time you fail to cut off a limb, your win multiplier will decrease one step. You start out with a 5x win multiplier.

Bonus game 3 – Knights who say Ni

The Knights who say Ni wants you to find a nice branch for them. The nicer the branch you give them is, the more money you get. When you give a branch to the Knights who say Ni, they will value it. You can then either accept the money they are offering you, or decline and search for a new branch to give them. You can get a maximum of tree branches valued. The third branch you give them they will keep, you can’t decline their offer for the third branch. So, you need to be strategical when you play this bonus game. Sometimes it is best to accept money for the first or second branch instead of pushing on.

Bonus game 4 – Killer Rabbit

Your task is to defeat the killer rabbit using holy hand grenades. Your six knights wants to pass through an area where the killer rabbit is hiding behind the stones, ready to attack and kill. Each knight has a hand grenade and you select which stone he will throw it at. If he hits the rabbit, you win money. If he doesn’t hit the rabbit, the rabbit will attack him and he will die a gruesome death. The more knights that manages to pass through the area without getting killed, the more money you win from this bonus game.