Free spins

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Here are a few of our best tips for anyone who wants to get more free spins online.

Social media

Does you favorite online casino have social media presence? Make sure to follow online casinos on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, or where ever else they are active. If the casino has a blog, put in into your blog reader.

It is not unusual for online casinos to have free spin campaigns specifically for their social media followers; campaigns that aren’t listed on the casino site.

Holidays – both local and international ones

Online casinos love to celebrate the holidays, and they often do it with free spins giveaways, contests where you can win free spins, and other events where free spins are available. In December, the advent calender – with free spins behind certain doors – is a popular staple. But don’t limit your free spin hunt to the major internationally celebrated holidays; keep an eye out for regional events as well. If an online casino has many gamblers from Northern Europe, like Sweden, Norway and Finland, stuff such as Walpurgi’s night and Midsummer’s eve can be heavily celebrated. Visit to see all the Scandinavian free spins offers and bonuses. A casino with a significant amount of Spanish-speaking players might go all in celebrating Día de Reyes with gifts of free spins.

Casino news sites

There are dedicated news sites online that focus on gambling news in general or casino news in particular. Pick out a few good ones and check them out regularly to stay updated. News sites are a great source of information about free spins campaigns and other events where you can get your hands on some lovely casino free spins. You will find info about the casinos where you already play as well as info about other casinos where you might consider becoming a member.

Don’t let your spam filter catch the newsletter

free spinsMany casinos send out newsletters where they include information that can be highly valuable for the free spins hunter. Make sure to add the sender’s address to your list of approved contacts to prevent casino newsletter from getting caught by the spam filter. When a casino sends out thousands of identical newsletters to their many members, it is easy to understand why a spam filter might misinterpret it as spam.

Find contests/raffles with sufficiently good value

There are many contests and raffles out there where you can win free spins, but not all of them come with good terms and conditions for the player. Always check the rules and ask yourself if its really worth it. Is it reasonable to risk $100+ of your own money to participate in a casino tournament where you can win 25 free spins? Be critical and keep your eyes open for events that actually provide good value for the participants.

Request notification when a new casino is about to open

When you hear through the grape wine (e.g. a casino news site) that a new online casino is about to launch, search for their website. In many cases, you will come to a site where you can enter your email address to receive a notification as soon as the new casino opens. New casinos usually reward you with various perks for giving them your email address in advance like this, e.g. access to the casino before its officially opened to the rest of the public, a no deposit bonus and/or a nice chunk of free spins to use while exploring the new site.

Keep your eyes open when new games are released

When new casino games are released by game developers, free spin giveaways and other free spins campaigns are common. This is especially true for big game developers like NetEnt and Microgaming. Each year, NetEnt and Microgaming have a few selected slot releases that they promote much more than their other new slots, e.g. by massive free spins campaigns. In many cases, the slots selected for such campaigns are so called “branded slots”. Examples of past slot releases that were connected to huge campaigns are the ones for Jurassic Park Slot, Aliens Slot and South Park Video Slot.