Casino bonus


There are many different casino bonus offers available and they can vary greatly from each other, so it is important to always check out the terms and conditions before accepting any casino bonus. Even within a certain category of casino bonuses, they terms and conditions can very a great deal from one offer to the other.

Below, you will find information about a few different casino bonus types.

The deposit bonus

This bonus is tied to a deposit. It is a very common type of bonus in online casinos. Usually, the bonus will amount to a specific percentage of your deposit, up to a maximum level.

Example: 100% deposit bonus, up to a maximum of €200. Minimum deposit is €25.

This means that if you must make a deposit of at least €25 to be eligible for the bonus. It also means that you can not get more than €200 in bonus money, even if you make a really big deposit. So, a deposit of €20 will give you no bonus. A deposit of €50 will give you a €50 bonus. A deposit of €200 will give you a €200 bonus. A deposit of €300 will give you a €200 bonus.

A deposit bonus can also be a fixed amount.

Example: Make a €20 deposit and get a €40 bonus.

The no deposit bonus

This is a bonus that isn’t tied to a deposit. Because of this, it is often referred to as a “free bonus”.

The most common form of no deposit casino bonus is the one that is given to a new casino member before the member has made any deposit into their casino account. You sign-up, confirm your email address and receive a no deposit bonus. With this bonus, you can play in the casino before you decide if you want to make a deposit.

specialbonusIn some casinos, there are additional hoops that you must jump through before you get your no deposit welcome bonus, e.g. confirm your cell phone number or register a credit card with your account (without making any deposit).

A no deposit casino bonus is typically small. It is rare to see a casino offer a no deposit bonus larger than €50.

Usually, a player will be prevented to withdraw any wins generated by their no deposit welcome bonus before fulfilling a wager requirement and/or make a deposit of a certain size. Always check the terms and conditions before you accept any no deposit bonus. It’s not funny to believe that one has winnings available for withdrawal and then realize that there is a €1,000 wager requirement to fulfill first.

Win a casino bonus

When online casinos arrange casino tournaments, raffles and other types of contests they usually put a lot of free spins and/or casino bonus money in the prize pot. It is a comparatively cheap way for the casino to bolster the prize pot and make the event more appealing to casino players.

Loyalty bonus & VIP bonus

Online casinos usually have some form of loyalty program to encourage their active members. In many cases, it will work something like this:

  1. Wager real money in the casino. For each $1 you wager, you get loyalty points.
  2. When you have gathered enough loyalty points, you can exchange them for bonus money.

In many casinos, a player that wagers a lot (i.e. receives a lot of loyalty points each month) will receive membership in the VIP Club. This will translate into various benefits, and one common benefit is a better exchange rate for your loyalty points. In a multi-tiered VIP Club, the exchange rate will get better the higher you climb.

It is also common for VIP Clubs to have special VIP bonuses to hand out to their members. Sometimes in the form of deposit bonuses, sometimes no deposit bonuses, and sometimes something else, e.g. an invite to a VIP casino tournaments with a lot of bonus money in the prize pot.

Offline casino comps

In offline casinos, so called “comps” are common and similar to the bonus money offered by online casinos. Comps can be bonus money, but they can also be free drinks, free food, a discounted hotel room, or pretty much anything else that the casino think will be popular among the players. Some high rollers will ammass enormous amounts of VIP comps and be treated to free nights in top-notch villas with free luxury meals, free airplane tickets, free limousine transportation, access to the golf course, etc.

How comps are calculated varies from one casino to the other, and it can also vary depending on wether you are considered a regular player or a high roller. What game you play and how much you wager will impact your comps, and some casinos also factor in how much time you spend playing.

Modern offline casinos will typically require the player to use a club card or similar to keep track of their gambling and make sure that they recieve an appropriate amount of comps. Free drinks and snacks are often available even without the club card, since they will be served to anyone who is actively gambling at the time.