Free casino


If you want to play casino games for free, there are several ways to go about it. Below, I will share some of my favorites.

Use a no deposit bonus (free casino bonus)

May online casinos will give you a no deposit bonus (free casino bonus) when you complete your registration. With this free casino bonus, you can play casino games for free and win real money or bonus money, depending on the terms of the bonus offer.

You can read more about no deposit bonuses on our casino bonus site.

Use free spins

Free spins are great since they allow you to play casino games for free while still being able to win real money. Many online casinos throw a few free casino spins into their welcome package, e.g. free spins when you complete the registration process and free spins when you make your first deposits.

For more information about ways to get free spins from online casinos, please visit our free spins page or visit to choose an online casino with a good bonus.

Play for free using play-money

free casinoNowadays, there are a lot of casinos that will let you play their games for free using play-money. The most popular games with play-money are the slots. If you want to try some slots for free with play-money, we recommend that you try a Norwegian casino that has English as a language option. You find all Norwegian casinos at Of course, you can not win anything else than play-money, but I still love doing this, for several reasons:

  • I can try out a new casino before I decide if I want to go through the registration process. When I play for play-money, I learn if the software is easy to use or riddled with bugs, if the casino site is easy to navigate, etc.

I tend to avoid online casinos that require me to sign-up before I’m allowed to play their games for free using play-money. Why are you making it so difficult for your prospective members? If we like what we experience when we explore your casino using play-money, we will register. Today, many of use guard our email addresses and other personal info to avoid spam and scams, and we want to check out new casino before we hand out our personal information. Don’t make us jump through unnecessary hoops, because we will just skip over to another casino.

  • I can try out a new casino game before risking real money new online casino games are released every week, and it would be expensive for me to try them all out using real money or even bonus money. When a new game is released, I go to a casino where I’m allowed to play it for free, using play-money. If I like the game, I eventually switch over to real-money play.
  • I can test my strategiesI like to tinker with various strategies, e.g. betting strategies for the roulette or card strategies for the blackjack table. But even if a strategy sounds really great in my mind, it could be a rubbish strategy in reality. This is why I like to test my strategies using play-money before I decide if I like them enough to incorporate them into my real-money gambling sessions.
  • I can practice without losing any moneyI’m a pretty good card counter at the blackjack table, and this is thanks to playing blackjack for play-money in online casinos. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, card counting is useless in an online casino where the outcome of each round of blackjack is determined by the random number generator. But the thing is, this doesn’t change the basic principles for card counting.By playing blackjack online using play-money, I have been able to learn some pretty advance card counting techniques and make sure I’m 100% comfortable using them. They are now second nature to me. When I leave my computer and go to an offline casino where blackjack is played with physical cards, the technique of my choice is so ingrained in my brain that I have no problem applying it even in the busy and noisy offline casino milieu.If I would have tried to learn using advanced card counting techniques while wagering real money, my bankroll would have been emptied a long time ago. This is one of the reasons I love free casino play with play-money.